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Bajans have mixed views on Rihanna’s S&M video

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Bajans have mixed views on Rihanna’s S&M video

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Barbadians are expressing mixed views on the controversial S&M song by Barbadian Grammy winner Rihanna.
The song, which according to the British tabloid Daily Mirror, has been banned in 11 countries, shows Rihanna dancing around in latex, poking fun at the ball-gag-wearing media.
The clip also includes whips, a dog-leashed Perez Hilton and Rihanna being handled by the Press.
Hundreds of Nation readers have been voicing their opinion, with some saying they found nothing wrong with the video, while others frowned on it, especially since Rihanna is an Ambassador for Barbados. This is what some had to say:
Leroy McClean: “Rihanna is an entertainer. If you want a role model for your children, you be it and take them to church. There is nothing that requires the song or the video to be banned (in my opinion) The woman is an international entertainer and does not cater only to a Barbadian public that can at times be hypocritical. I have seen worse at the National Stadium and on the road on Kadooment Day”.
Nic Forde asked: “Why are we making such a fuss. I saw the song and there’s nothing wrong with it. Rihanna is doing her thing just like any other singer, but because she’s from Barbados, we Barbadians will cry her down and where will it get us? We need to show her that we are behind her in whatever she does because she promotes Barbados”.
Nola Bradshaw said: “There is nothing wrong with the video or the song. There are songs out there with lyrics and videos a lot raunchier and no one says anything, particularly the music coming from male artists. But let a female sing a raunchy song and suddenly everyone’s acting like she’s heralding in the second coming of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Tennyson Riley: “Yes the song should be banned from the airways. Rihanna is supposed to be a role model for young Barbadians and she was appointed as an ambassador of Barbados and that song is highly inappropriate for anyone to watch or listen to. It portrays that “bondage” is okay and cool to expose to the public. I watched that video in disgust and shame. And it has nothing to do her being a Barbadian. It is totally not clean for teenagers who follow her music and look up to her and to be clear it’s not Rihanna it’s just the song and the role she is acting in the video”.
Sophia Lyn: “Rihanna’s song isn’t much different from some of the calypsos penned annually. Look at what’s displayed in Bim every year for Crop Over, disguised as culture. I don’t get the self-righteous indignance. If Bajans want to criticise her, they also need to criticise Lil Rick and a host of other artistes there. Rihanna is a global icon, she is making music and videos that sell and continues to make her name known. I don’t necessarily endorse it as it’s not my style”.
Sammy Wallerson: “I don’t think there is anything wrong with the song or Rihanna. In my opinion the real issue is that maybe the Government was too hasty to make her an ambassador. Her profession coupled with her age were destined to put her on a collision course with what is expected from someone holding such a title”.
Kimberley Riley: “I am really surprised at the amount of Barbadians who support this behaviour as a representative of your country! Such a beautiful country deserves better representation than that and I strongly believe she should be stripped of her title of Ambassador! As a mother of two young girls I find the video disgusting! I used to be a big fan of Rihanna but she has changed a lot and she has definitely crossed the line with this one!”
Sonia Blackman: “We have a lot of hypocrites here in Barbados and abroad. What is wrong with this video? We are always ready to judge people just because we don’t like them. For years calypsonians have been singing vulgar and lewd songs and they continue to get air play. I have seen worse music videos and they don’t get banned. It is time Barbadians stop crying down Rihanna because regardless of how we feel about her we can’t stop her from achieving success”.
Luvinia Beckles: “Many of us need to raise our children to emulate us, then we would not be looking at a 22 year old and thinking that she is supposed to teach our children right from wrong. Whoever thinks that the video is too much simply don’t watch it. It’s a business. It’s all about making money and we have to admit that Rihanna and whoever promotes her knows their stuff. Rihanna is an entertainer”.
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