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Set A take Combermere Sports

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Set A take Combermere Sports

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In ancient times when you had warriors like Ramarco Thompson and Cindy Forde who destroyed all comers and when your greatest opposition is disqualified in the penultimate battle you would be crowned champions.
However, a mere three points told Set B that these are not ancient times as for the second year in a row the 2008 and 2009 House Champions at Combermere school sports ended in the runners up row with Set A assuming their position in the alphabet with 771.5 points to Set B’s 768.5.  Set D was third with 648.5, fourth were defending champions Set E with 633, fifth was C with 562.5 and in the cellar was F with 534.
The blistering pace which Thompson set in taking the Division III boys title with 86 points and with Forde scoring one less than a hundred saw the grass at Waterford and the other athletes being constantly under threat.  It was dramatic to see Thompson cruising home in the 100 while his closest challenge Jabarri Cumberbatch was struggling to take the second spot.
Whenever Forde took to the track a similar scene unfolded with the officials battling to determine the second spot where the competition was actually occurring.  The drama of Set A girls facing a disqualification in the penultimate race of the day, the 4 x 4 open would have also given Set B the belief that the title would be theirs.
Set B also grabbed the girls’ division III title with Krystle Greaves burying her opponents with 64 points.  One division champion came from Set A with the well built machine Jarad Murray dominating division one in amassing 69 points.  The girls’ division I champions was Celina Forte of Set E who was smooth in taking the 400 as one of her triumphs.
One of the most exciting battles of the day occurred in the boys division II 100 where favourite Ramario Craigwell had the race sewn up and a few feet from the finish he looked across to check his opposition which gave Tre Adamson the chance to pip Craigwell on the line. (KB)
Division champions
Division I
Celina Forte (E)    85
Division II
Cindy Forde (B)    99
Division III
Krystle Greaves (B)        64
Division IV
Brittany Gill-Denny (D)    43
Division I
Jarad Murray (A)    69
Division II
Lamarr Coward (C)     81
Division III
Ramarco Thompson (B)    86
Division IV
Daquan Boyce (E)    50
Combermere School’s position the last five years at BSSAC:
Girls: 2006 – 70 points, 9th: 2007 – 46 points, 13th; 2008 – 73.5 points, 10th; 2009 – 130, 8th; 2010 – 120 points, 8th.
Boys: 2006 – 131.5 points, 7th; 2007 – 90 points, 10th; 2008 – 109 points, 7th; 2009 – 130 points, 6th; 2010 – 119.5 points, 9th.