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Jalicia eyes success

Natanga Smith Hurdle

Jalicia eyes success

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Jalicia Nightengale is homesick and cold, but she has a plan all mapped out ­– and she’s is sticking to it. Her modelling career is so important to her that she flew 4 534 miles to Switzerland to make it a success.
“I?moved to (Switzerland) because my boyfriend got a job offer and it was a good opportunity for me to pursue my modelling career.”
And it paid off. Jalicia, 19, was recently signed to Scout Models Agency in Switzerland and was a finalist in the Swiss version of America’s Next Top Model called Swiss Fashion TV Model Search.
What a big achievement after only being there since late last year!
“It was difficult . . . .I had to send my photos over and over again until I got an invitation to participate in the Swiss Model Search competition for Fashion TV.
Jalicia is from a small family in Sargeants Village, Christ Church, which includes her mum (Grace Nightengale), older brother Adam (Nightengale) and youngest sister Janai (Jones). From about age 11, she was raised by the Carrington family in Kingsland, Christ Church, who eventually became her family.
She attended the Princess Margaret Secondary School and afterwards studied  business at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic. While in high school, she was involved in pageants, girl guides, dancing, even athletics.
“I’m pretty sure I still have a record for the javelin. I was also on the Barbados junior volley team of 2009. I can say I had a pretty great life growing up.
“It was tough but I survived, thanks to the family and friends who supported me. What I miss the most are the people who were and still are a part of my life, and this is a great opportunity to thank each and every one of them.”
And, yes, that is the real colour of her eyes!
How tall are you?
• I am five-foot-11.
What was your first big gig?
• My first big gig was for Milady – it’s a well-known international fur brand.
What makes you different from the other models?
• My main feature is that I have dark skin with natural blue eyes; however, my personality plays a very important role.
Many people think modelling is a fast-track ticket to fame and fortune. Do you agree?
• Of course not. It is like a regular job – you have to work your way from the bottom to the top. It’s harder than it looks. Not everybody can become a model. While most people might think that appearance is the only thing, personality is what books the job.
Where has modelling taken you?
• I have been to New York, Boston, Switzerland and a few cities in France, mainly to pursue my career (casting calls, tryouts, fashion shows and so on).
Are you studying?
• Currently I am taking a very intense French course because before studying anything else, I need to master the language. As a model, I think it is very important to be able to communicate in other languages.
Have you met any Barbadians in Switzerland?
• Yes, I’ve met one Barbadian here, but there are many more – so I’ve heard.
Name two top places to visit in Switzerland and why.
• The city of Geneva, because it’s one of the most popular places in Switzerland, and the mountains for skiing and sightseeing.
How is the modelling scene in Switzerland?
• As in many parts in Europe, it is highly professional. The fashion industry is a main part of European life.
How is the nightlife/entertainment in Switzerland compared with Barbados?
• The music is different and clubs are huge, like three floors with different types of music. In addition, there are different styles of clubs as you can go to Latin music nightclubs, techno, house, even dancehall.
What question do you get asked the most?
• “Are those your real eyes?”
Any advice to aspiring models?
• This quote gave me inspiration when I first started out: “It’s beauty that captures your attention, personality which captures your heart.”
Which of your achievements are you most proud of?
• Being in the final of the Swiss Fashion TV Model Search because it has opened many doors for me.