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PUDDING & SOUSE: Property block a blow

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Property block a blow

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A YOUNG UNEMPLOYED MAN, who is in the habit of begging for donations as part of his work, had the shock of his life recently when he could not sell a late relative’s property.
Pudding & Souse was reliably informed that the man, who never supported his two children but is always talking his head off about how children should be treated and supported, almost passed out when his family from overseas turned up and told him he could not touch any of the property.
The man cried his heart out after trying to convince his latest squeeze that his relative had left the property for him, while begging his overseas-based relatives to let him sell it as he is flat broke.
What some people who know him are now saying is that he is being paid back for the evil deeds he did to his ex-wife and children.
And they want him to stop walking around trying to fool people that he is involved in doing something noble, and instead get a job to support his children.
Licks like peas
 Teachers and students at a prominent school are still in a daze over the bad Bajan beating a child got from his parent.
Pudding & Souse was told that the child and a classmate had a little cuss-out. The class teacher overheard the conversation and when one of the students was asked a question, the response was, “Sir, he don’t mean me; he mean you.”
That is when things got heated and the child’s father was called .
It is understood that the poor child got so many blows that he was black and blue.
Just can’t keep away
The married man who can’t keep away from the non-national woman who works at a shop just outside The City needs to understand that everyone is onto what he is doing.
We know that she now goes to town and you are leaving work, or sometimes your house, to meet her there. Up to Sunday you were seen with her after doing this.
You don’t realize that Barbados is a small place and though you may be able to buy land here, you can’t hide and work it.
What we can’t understand is how you can be so much into this woman when you know she lives in a house with a man in the country.
Have you no shame? Respect your wife and children, man!
Staff fed up
Staff at a certain place that cares for seniors are fed up with their boss’ attitude and may soon blow the whistle on her to the Ministry of Health.
They claim that their boss is not feeding the seniors properly and is taking the money and spending it on her lavish lifestyle.
What galls them is that the situation has come to the point where they are now bringing food from their homes to help out as the cupboards at the home are often bare, and they can’t bear to see the folks suffer.
Would you believe, they said, one chicken is made to serve more than a dozen people?
The workers also say that if their boss doesn’t start paying them on time they will tell the landlord that sometimes when he calls for the rent, their boss is there but makes them say otherwise.
They are planning to whisper to family members about the situation and let them know that the things they leave for their relatives are divided amongst all those in the home.
And they are warning their boss that they will let the relatives know that the only time their folks get treated well is on Sunday, as they are visiting and everything is done to give the impression that the old folks are being well looked after.