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Lazy leaders

Anesta Henry

Lazy leaders

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Director of the Public Sector Reform Michael Archer believes there are too many weak people leading organisations across Barbados.
The director said “leadership is using yourself as an instrument to get things done in the organization. . . .it is about self-development. However, “In the absence of a survey, my opinion is that we have too many weak leaders.”
He said too many current leaders are being too complacent, sitting on the verge of retirement and not putting much effort into it and some are just down right lazy.”
Archer was speaking today at a church service held at the Paddock Road, Grace Bible Church which marked the beginning of the social partners week of excellence activities.
“We have very strong leaders, but there are not enough of them to carry us forward and because of that we are having crisis in our organisations with the relationships amongst workers managers and supervisors,” he said.
Archer said the pursuit of a culture of excellence must be built on strong leadership.