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Sir Branford told to share story

Mike King

Sir Branford told to share story

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ARCHBISHOP?of the West Indies, Dr John Holder, has urged Barbados’ newest knight, Sir Branford Taitt, to share his story with the youth.
Archbishop Holder made this call and hailed Sir Branford as a “precious son of Barbados” at a celebration of Solemn Eucharist in recognition of the conferment of the Knighthood of St Andrew at St Leonard’s Church yesterday evening.
“We have lives like yours that are full of great illuminating experiences that can teach about life, especially about how God provides for us the intelligence and insights and to shape it in a manner that allows us to be helpful to others. I urge you to share your story with the young,” he said before a congregation that included Sir Branford, Lady Colleen, daughters Monique and Sharonne, and long-time friend Reverend Wes Hall.
The Archbishop said the 72-year-old Sir Branford, a former Cabinet Minister and Consul General in New York, now president of the Senate, was fully deserving of his knighthood.
“It’s a privilege and honour to be part of the celebration of Sir Branford’s knighthood. He has made his mark on this country,” he added.
Holder felt it was important that his “dear friend” Sir Branford pass on the lessons of life to the next generation.
Holder reminded the congregation that God was at work in all of what people did and life was beyond what they had achieved and accumulated. He said that God was always there to guide people in their low points and lead them to the high points.
“For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul or what should a man give in exchange for his soul?” he asked.
Holder said the good things people had, the wonderful experiences they enjoyed, the knowledge and skills they accumulated were not theirs to keep, but God’s to share.
“Sir Branford, keep doing what you do well, making your contribution at the highest level of the society in order to make this wonderful country of ours far better than you found it. For in the end, this is surely what life is all about. This is the connection to God.
“We are here in this world to make it better not worse. We are here in this world as God’s stewards and we must be ever conscious of our stewardship, for one day we will be called to give an account,” he added.
Sharonne Taitt read the first lesson while Monique did the second reading.