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Bajans against Black Swan ban

Carol Martindale

Bajans against Black Swan ban

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The movie Black Swan has been banned in Barbados, at least for now.
The Barbados Film Censorship Board, which originally banned the award winning film, says it will take another look at the movie and give a decision this week.
People have already been speaking out on the original decision by the board which deemed the film inappropriate for viewing because of offensive sexual behaviour. The movie, which contains homo-erotic scenes, was expected to start in Barbados last week.
Here are some of the views shared on the decision to ban the movie by some Nation online readers.
Stacy said: “Barbados really needs to wake up. Accept the film because of  the artist value. Why is it that Barbadians always feel the need to judge everything but yet we speak of the gospel that says not to judge? See things as they are and stop jumping at “homo-erotic” content. We have bigger issues to deal with.
Jules Bowen: I wasn’t interested in watching this movie until it was banned here and I am currently watching the ending of it as I write this. I’ve seen much worse shown on CBC as a late night movie and much worse was shown in our cinemas before. We truly have double standards here in Bim.
Heidi Anita Stigen: “A very good movie that the Bajan people will miss out on”.
Sue Holder: “This is a crazy decision. So we can watch Broke-back Mountain but not this? We can watch people being murdered/chopped up/shot but not this? Barbados needs to wake up and fast!!
Dawn Rollins: “They can ban all they want to ban, but there is nothing they can do to stop the general public from watching it in the privacy of their homes. I do not see what they are trying to achieve anyway”
Al Wright said: ”Why don’t the board let the viewing public have the advantage of watching and discussing one of the many topics of interest available to it. In this day of the Internet and satellite access to movies and entertainment, people no longer have to get to the movies to watch and see what’s going on in the world, and this censorship only makes people all the more curious.
The original decision to ban the movie is already being petitioned by the group Against the Affront to Freedom of Expression in Barbados by the Barbados Board of Film Censors.
In its petition to the Censorship Board, it wants the decision on the banning of Black Swan reversed.
The petition also includes the provision to have a limited screening of films to unbiased members of the public and consider their input before pronouncing a ban.
Black Swan is a psychological thriller about a talented young ballerina who is awarded the prized dual role of the White Swan/Black Swan in a production of “Swan Lake”.