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BS&T cries foul

Mike King

BS&T cries foul

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GOVERNMENT has been accused of “lashing out” unjustly at the private sector.
Chief executive officer of Barbados Shipping &?Trading, G. Anthony King, told the monthly meeting of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry that it was unfortunate that the present Government and past administrations, would deflect blame on the private sector, when things go wrong.
“I have found in my experience, not just this Government, not just the prior Government, but the political tier of Government, try to deflect blame,” King told dozens of key business personnel at Hilton Barbados. 
“In recent times, I have seen a kind of lashing out at the private sector . . . we have problems. We have high prices being imported here and we can see a whole host of reasons why there are, but yet we have to do a little bit of lashing out,” he said.
King said Government would be in a better position to comment if it would get the facts and “made sure [it] understand[s] the facts”.
“Deal separately with offenders. Maybe somebody offending the rights of others, maybe somebody offending with price gouging or whatever the latest issue is, but deal with them specifically,” he recommended.
The leader of this country’s largest conglomerate called on Government for more understanding, less lashing out and less finger pointing.
“Help to find solutions with us. Help to educate the people on what the issues really are. Essentially, be a partner in addressing adversity and seeking solutions.
“We need to present ourselves as willing to do that. We need Government and the unions to do that with us,” he pleaded.
Yesterday’s luncheon was in honour of past presidents of the 185-year-old institution.