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FTC gets thumbs up

Mike King

FTC gets thumbs up

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Head of the American Federal Trade Commission has given Barbados’ Fair Trade Commission (FTC), the thumbs-up, lauding them for leadership.
Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, William Kovacic, gave the FTC, a passing grade at its lecture titled:?The Second Decade: The Life Cycle of Regulatory Agencies, What’s Next for the FTC, at Hilton Barbados, Friday night.
“I think, the FTC?is doing a great job. They have built a good team, have good leadership and their first decade is as good as an agency I know”
Before a packed audience that included Minister of Commerce &?Trade, Haynesley Benn, chairman of the FTC Sir Neville Nicholls and deputy chairman Professor Andrew Downes, Kovacic said one of the main challenges for the FTC which was established in 2001, was to upgrade its statutory framework.
“One of the main things that Barbados has to do is to renovate and upgrade the statutory framework. I think the law review process is an excellent idea and that should generate some good ideas about how to put the system on a good setting for the next decade”