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Not the best of conduct

Mike Worrell

Not the best of conduct

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There are three versions of the cricket game played, where the best cricketers in Barbados are involved.  
These competitions, played under the auspices of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA), are the Lime (three-day) Division 1 series, the Sagicor General Cup (50-over) and the Sagicor General Twenty20.
I can also tell you that at most of these games some measure of indiscipline will rear its head – an altercation between players or the reaction of a player to a decision by an umpire.   At these games, there are match referees but most times their hands are tied if reports are not made by the umpires.  
What players have to realize, however, is that when you are engaged in sports at this level you expose your true character for all to see.
Within recent years there have been instances of bad behaviour in regional competitions involving the Barbados team and opponents mainly from Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, while some Barbadian players have had a few run-ins at the Test level.  
When these instances are not dealt with effectively at the lower level, it says to the players that their behaviour is acceptable and we will continue to be embarrassed when players display the same behaviour and attitudes at the highest level.
During the past few weeks, the name Tino Best has been in the news for reasons that I am sure he would not have wanted. The events that led to his omission from the team, his reinstatement and his exclusion again from the Barbados squad have all been chronicled.
In Barbados, you will find that because of his exuberance some will like Tino and many others will not.  It is admirable that he took full responsibility for his actions.
Tino’s bowling has shown such improvement that he has been named as one of the reserves for the West Indies World Cup squad.   Unfortunately for him, his returns from the game against Jamaica were not too flattering and as a result he has lost his place.   Again he can consider himself hard done-by when one considers that there are others in the squad who have not performed.
Believe it or not, this is the nature of cricket in Barbados.
Three games have been completed and Barbados are in the bottom half in the competition. This year the selectors have given several young players an opportunity to showcase their worth.  
Very often there is talk about welcoming young players to a team, but these same players are also the subject of abuse by the older members of the team when, in their view, they do not “measure up” and I hope that this is not happening in this present team, although I have my doubts.  
I have observed Shane Dowrich and I know that he is a better wicketkeeper than what he has displayed thus far.   Although there was a general improvement in the game against Jamaica, there is still room for improvement.  
At this level I would have liked to see him constantly up to the stumps for Kevin Stoute and I hope that he can get his game together and get the necessary assistance for him to perform at the standard that I know he is capable of.
The team seems full with stroke-makers but they must realize that a good-looking 20 or 40 runs will not get them into a West Indies team and should apply themselves to the task of scoring heavily.  
Kirk Edwards’ inclusion to the West Indies team now that Adrian Barath is injured was made possible because of his consistent performances. I hope that he can continue to perform at his best if given the opportunity.