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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Horse out de stable long time!

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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Horse out de stable long time!

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I hope yuh awright an’ life en stressin’ yuh out tummuch! I hey tekkin’ it easy an’ lissenin’ to all de talk dat gine on! Keep quiet an’ yuh could learn a lot! Y’know, I belonks to de group o’ Mr Brumley ole scholars dat does mek dah man turn in ’e grave, so whenevuh I hear nuff back-an’-forf gine on ’bout anyt’ing or anyone, in case it impo’tant an’ I might learn somet’ing, I cock muh ears an’ pay attention! An’ I mus’ say, I been hearin’ nuff talk ’bout Rihanna an’ she videa an’ some new flim de Censorship Board got fuh de chop! But I en tekkin’ it serious, neffin hey don’ really change!    
Now to me, Rihanna is one o’ de luckies’ young girls I come ’cross in a while. We got some ethuh local girls dat could sing real sweet but dem cyhan seem to get dah kinda big break! When Lady Luck smile ’pon yuh, people could talk wuhevuh duh like, but it en gine stop yuh from reachin’ de stars, an’ dah is jes’ wuh happenin’ wid Rihanna. She hit de entertainment worl’ like a bomb an’ been gine from strengf to strengf evuh sence!
She even bringin’ out a perfume shortly at we local shop! I won’ be surprise ef she nex’ stop en de movies! But it seem she gone too far ovuh de top dis time, wid de new videa. It get ban in various countries abroad an’ all right-t’inkin’ Bajans up in arms ’bout de content, while she followers – a big crowd ovuh hey – arguin’ duh en see nutten wrong wid it! Lord mek peace, we really becomin’ wrong-sided in we t’inkin!
Whey I concern, I en hear nor see it, nor I don’ want to! Fuh me, a lot o’ dese modern-day videas an’ songs too steamy! Mos’ times I cyhan onderstan’ wuh duh singin’, much less remember de tune de nex’ day, so better I lef’ it to de younger generation, ’cause it is dem who duh singin’ to, anyhow! I belonks to de Dark Ages o’ de “Oldie Goldies” wid singers like Sinatra, Mathis an’ dem people-so. De songs might be ole, but duh still dey to enjoy!
As I say, I en see Rihanna videa, but watchin’ de various singers at de Grammys de ethuh night – not fuh long, as it din appeal to me like pas’ shows, tummuch bleepin’ in mos’ songs dese days – it hit muh! Rihanna is part of dis young generation in entertainment, dat inten’ to say an’ do wuhevuh duh like, dress howevuh duh like, an’ be as outrageous as possible! An’ as I see it, Rihanna gine keep on doin’ jes’ wuh she want to do, regardless to wuh anybody t’ink! Only, she should remember dat a whole lot o’ young  people look up to she, an’ put on de brakes!  
De movie Black Swan mek de Film Censorship Board wake up! I din even know duh still exis’ but it seem I was wrong. I en see de movie yet, but I wonderin’ hummuch wors’ it could be, to all dem shows yuh could see any night ’pon TV, wid homosexual an’ straight couples jumpin’ in an’ out o’ bed an’ kissin’ an’ carryin’ on! Ef not TV, yuh could always fin’ wuh yuh want ’pon de Net! I see de ratin’ get change to “Restricted”, but de horse long bolt  t’rough de stable door an’ now way outta sight! Dese days, evuhbody – ole, young, rich, poor, black, white – doin’ wuhevuh, whenevuh an’ howevuh duh like, an’ de rules dat apply to some, don’ apply to ethuhs! It en only sexy flims an’ videas we should look at, nuff mo’ areas need some cleanin’ up! So why all dis sudden outrage? Wuh it gine prove?
Tummuch double standards!  Wuh good fuh de goose, certainly en good fuh de gander ’bout hey!                                                
Tek care o’ yuhself
Yuh frien’ Babsie