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Sweeter than honey

Yvette BEST

Sweeter than honey

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BARBADOS HAS SEVERAL female singers who are ready for the big time.
According to St Kitts-born Canadian music executive Ivan Berry, the level of talent displayed at last week at A Taste of Honey Jam, held at Pablo Dontes, Maxwell, Christ Church, was mind-blowing.
“What I saw tonight (February 20) in Barbados, I never, ever, never expected. The diversity of music and the level of talent literally blew my mind,” he said, adding that his friend who works with the likes of Outkast, Lil Wayne and several others passed through briefly and was so impressed, that he told him they had to help the local arm of Honey Jam along.
He said producer Ebonnie Rowe wanted to do a full Honey Jam production later on this year and if she could not get the necessary sponsorship, he would undertake the expense.
“I will personally fly down 10 of the biggest executives in North America to see the talent that I saw here this evening (Sunday) and I’m not just saying this for the media, I’m not saying this for an interview, but of the 20 artistes at least five of them are ready for the world stage, if not more.
“In many instances, artiste development is necessary, vocal training is necessary, but at least five of them I can put up immediately to any double platinum artiste in America and they would be better than them. And that’s my honest to God truth,” Berry told WE after the standing roomonly showcase.
Berry said he had been involved in the Honey Jam project with Rowe from the time it was started in Toronto, Canada and that it had seen several successes over the years,including Nellie Furtado.
Noting that he always spoke highly of the raw talent that abounds in the Caribbean, Berry said the cultural sector needed the support of Government and other stakeholders, who can provide the necessary infrastructure.
“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the raw talent tonight was absolutely world class. I get invited to these things worldwide on a weekly basis and no lie, Barbados is definitely the best I’ve seen ever… . Now I see why ten artistes from Barbados are now signed internationally,” Berry said.
Berry added that the inaugural show here surpassed what came through during the infancy stages of Honey Jam in Canada.
Patrons saw performances from Vanessa Lee, Bonnie Deveido, Dionne Timothy, Erika Alexei, Blak Kla Soyl, Gigi Ma’at, Sunset Sealy, Joharri, Karma Nai, Malissa Alanna, Mandy, Melaney Hurley, Tavia Drakes, Paige Banfield, Peach, Rochelle, Sarah Mark, Indrani and Nikita Browne. The acts were generally well received, but based on the crowd response the favourites included Indrani, Browne, Peach, Timothy and Drakes.
It would be remiss if mention were not made of Blak Kla Soyl, who was accompanied on vocals and percussion by her daughter, Princess. It was one of the better showings I have seen from her.