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Champs at Napsac

Justin Marville at the National Stadium

Champs at Napsac

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The smallest of margins decided the biggest of all races at the National Stadium today.
On a day when even a couple points proved to be the difference between celebrating or breaking down in tears, Hillaby Turner’s Hall Primary again brought glory to the parish of St Andrew, winning their third consecutive Girls title at the Anton Norris Zone 2 of the 2011 Pine Hill NAPSAC Championships.
In the end, Hillaby Turner’s Hall (143 points) edged Belmont Primary by a single point to complete their three-peat.
In Boys action, Cuthbert Moore Primary also shared in the glory, winning the Boys title by dethroning three-time champions St. Matthews Primary. Cuthbert Moore finished with 158 points, ahead of St. Matthews (140),All Saints Primary (140) and Hillaby Turner’s Hall (139).