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IT MATTERS TO MARIA: Farm not smelling of roses

Maria Bradshaw

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SOME?RESIDENTS?living at Mount Poyer, St Lucy, want one of their neighbours to clean up his act.
 An upset resident, who did not want to be identified, said he and other residents were forced to keep their windows and doors closed during the day and night because of a pungent stench emanating from a nearby pig farm.
The resident said members of the community were bothered not only by the stench but also by the farmer’s surroundings, which he stated were littered with garbage.
“Around his house is worse than Mount Stinkeroo. He has garbage all over. He goes around and picks up old stuff and hoards it at his house and this is very unsanitary,” said the resident, who pointed out that several complaints had been made to health officials about the situation.
But farmer Timothy Harewood, who is also a mechanic, said the foul odour coming from his pig pens could not be avoided.
“You can’t have pigs and not have a smell coming from the pens,” he stated, as he produced a bottle of Jeyes Fluid and said he used it to clean the pens. “Depending on how the wind is blowing the people that live up on the hill would smell it,” he pointed out.
When asked about several old pieces of wood in front of his house and the discarded vehicle parts and other items around his home, Harewood said he was also a mechanic and he was working on vehicles which were parked at his home.
He said he only put several pieces of burnt wood in front of his house this week and his intention was to use them to build a picket fence.
And Harewood took offence at the complaints from his neighbours, pointing out that he had been living in the neighbourhood for 11 years.
“A man that I don’t even know come out here and threaten me about how I got my place, but it is not always like this”, he stated.
He admitted, however, that the Environmental Health Department had brought a case against him in the Magistrates’ Court pertaining to his pig farm and his general surroundings.
“The health inspectors always harassing me, but this is how a pig pen does smell. I am not the only one and they coming after me,” he stated.