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4-year-old molested

Marlon Madden

4-year-old molested

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A TEARFUL MOTHER AND FATHER are distressed and angry after learning that their four-year-old son was buggered by five older boys at his school.
When the SATURDAY?SUN caught up with the father at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital yesterday, he said a family doctor had concluded that the boy had been injured. 
The boy is said to have been buggered three times – last week Wednesday and Friday and again this week in the school’s bathroom. 
The father said he had not been able to eat since last Wednesday and his girlfriend, the child’s mother, had not been able to do much either as all she was doing was crying.
Even when he spoke to the SATURDAY?SUN, she was inside the hospital with her son, having been taken there by police.
He said,“Wednesday this week I carry him school and by the time the man come home with me he no got on no underwear. So I say, big man, last week two days you come home without underwear, what happened today you come home without underwear again? 
The boy then told his father he had been attacked.
The father continued: “I say you couldn’t scream or nothing. He said he couldn’t scream because they cover he face,” explained the dad.
He said he took his son to his girlfriend’s mother the same night to get some advice and they took him to the family doctor the Thursday morning.
“His grandmother took him to the family doctor and the doctor come and said he was bruise up. The little man doesn’t feel good about it. All it does is have him in there crying every minute and got me cruel. The little man and the mother in there [the hospital] crying. 
“She can’t believe it neither. All she saying is that she need a lawyer. I don’t even eat for two days now. My brain just pon my little man. I can’t eat nothing I can’t even get nuh sleep. It has my brain scramble right now. I offset. The doctor told me that he got to get counselling,” said the grieving father.
He also said when they visited the school the underwear his son wore to school last Wednesday was found in the bathroom with faeces in it. 
He said when his son was taken around the school and asked to identify the culprits, he was unable to and would only say: “I don’t know nobody face because they had their hand pon my face, so I don’t know they face.”
When contacted, the principal of the school said he heard of the incident from the child’s father and it was being investigated.“
I have not been able to get any confirmation from the child or from anybody else.  The child has not said that to me or anybody here when questioned. The child has not been able to identify anybody . . . At this point the whole matter is still under investigation. If it happened, there is no evidence to say . . ., it happened at school,” he said.
When asked if an underwear was found at the school the headmaster responded: “Yes, with stool in it. That is not uncommon for students to stool themselves and it is not the first time he has stooled himself . . . That was not helpful, the fact that it was found with stool in it.”