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FLYING FISH & COU COU – Big-up a pain in party

luigimarshall, [email protected]

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It seems as though some people just don’t have what it takes, even if they come from a brand-name dad.
Maybe it is because some personalities are more influenced by culture than by breeding.
Whatever the case, this big-up has been causing pain to other high-ups in a certain party – the latest victim being a keen follower of King James, rather than King David – and that is not a Freudian slip.Maybe this is a case of Paul paying for Peter.
In for a test?
A certain big-up, no-nonsense, “no-mekking-sport” man had all intentions of wiping the slate almost clean, leaving only the two top faithfuls in their seats.
But colleagues warned against it and even gave him lashes for what they deemed a high-handed approach.
In the end, only four – including one known for his hard work in the field for a certain Christ Church riding – were sent packing.
The question is whether or not this big-up faces his own test when he takes part in a certain calendar event next time around.
Being hoodwinked
Do you live in a certain central riding and was asked to give your name, number and address?
Days later, are you receiving a letter in the post, telling you that you are now a member of a certain political grouping, all fees paid up, and are eligible to vote in an upcoming showdown?
Then you are one of scores being hoodwinked.
Earlier this week, a friend on the other side of the fence gave Cou Cou a heads-up about this development and warned that the matter could go even further.
“By George!” said the friend. “They are trying to suck my friend dry by making the residents feel they have joined their team. But we will not let anyone try to buy our people’s votes!”  
Ready for a fight
It takes two to fight, but it needs only one strong guy to separate them.
That was the case at a recent meeting in the south, where two party faithfuls came to high words and a near fist fight following certain allegations of misuse of funds.
It all had to do with a well – in name and in nature – in the Christ Church area.
The aggrieved party in question felt most insulted by the allegations and insisted that no one had any right to point fingers at him – and to make his point, he was ready to resort to fists.In the end, it took more than a prayer to prevent a fist fight.
Proper lashes
Most people felt one would edge out the other. Few predicted a runaway victory.
Now word on the street is that had the law not intervened, the race might have been won by the person who withdrew at the very last minute.
In any event, the politico in question would have been facing an uphill race and would probably have been given even more lashes.
Hint for irie hubby
A CERTAIN married woman, who lives with her dreadlocked partner – who is not a Barbadian – should stop disrespecting her marriage vows.
She has a reputation for having men visit her at home and for even sneaking them in late at night while her husband is in another room watching TV.
Neighbours who have witnessed this are amazed that hubby could be so fixated on movies that he does not hear his wife squealing in the bedroom.
They want him to stop behaving so irie and leave this woman alone if he is already bored with the marriage.