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The naked truth

Racquel Griffith, student of the Barbados Community College

The naked truth

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THE BARBADOS SCABICAL CLUB has raised many questions globally and innately on Barbadian culture and values. This disgraceful club was created as a group page on the most widely used global social network, Facebook.
It emerged on Sunday, February 6 around 10 p.m. before its closure by Facebook officials about two to four hours after its formation.
For those who might not be aware of what an actual ‘scabical’ is, there is no longer the need to ask the members of the youth, simply ‘Google’ the word and the results are provided instantly.
“Scabical, a Barbadian term meaning slut, whore, sket, etc…”
What is most demeaning about this definition is that it not only discredits women but presents a tarnished image of this country as well. According to Matthew Farley, who wrote in the SUNDAY SUN (2/27/2011): “We are projecting to the world the lewdest that we have to offer” for it seems as if Barbados is only being recognised for its degrading attributes.
The club page consisted of 15 photographs of young Barbadian women, all of which gushed in every 15 minutes or less. Some of these photographs were taken in household settings while others were taken at fetes or on the outskirts of clubs. Nevertheless, the bulk of them were a dishonour to females worldwide.
There were two, however, that were distinctly memorable; one of a young lady performing oral sex and the other, a young woman having sexual intercourse, both of whom were looking directly at the camera.
The comments these pictures received were numerous and vastly encouraging, mainly consisting of laughter and satisfaction of women being slandered all across the Internet – our women.
This aspect could be deemed far worse than the pictures themselves for Barbadians were seen encouraging this mindless stunt.
Not even the creator of the Barbados Scabical Club felt a little remorse for the girls and their families that he or she was humiliating as they boasted about some of the young women calling bickering that he had posted their pictures. This initiator was even encouraging people to send in more photos as a means of revenge on ex-girlfriends or enemies.
By the time of its termination, the club had yielded more than 1 000 club members in a short space of time. This large amount still does not provide an approximation of viewers as it does not include the people who viewed it and refused to join the club itself.
The club was closed on grounds of nudity and pornography which were reported by Barbadians as well as people abroad who witnessed the insensitive act.