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Three times the joy

Risée Chaderton

Three times the joy

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March 4, 2011, is indelibly impressed on the lives of Jahna Agard and partner Haniffe Harewood. 
It’s the day they became parents of healthy triplets.  
When the SATURDAY SUN visited the young couple at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital yesterday, Jahna, 22, was exhausted but happy after delivering the babies by Caesarean section. Harewood was either pacing the floor outside her room, or looking at the newborns in their incubators. 
The two boys and a girl, who are yet to be named, were brought from their incubators by smiling nurses to bond with their overjoyed father. 
“Three babies is a slight challenge but mostly interesting, but I am going to enjoy it and I know that is how Jahna feels too,” Harewood said. 
Senior registrar, obstetrician/gynaecologist Dr Bayo Ogunbiyi noted that the triplets were quite heavy for multiples with an average weight of nearly six pounds. He said the babies were mature and well developed given that many multiples arrived before 36 weeks. 
Here, Harewood is seen admiring the three babies (girl centre) yesterday.