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Tribute to ‘Concord’ Thorne

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Tribute to ‘Concord’ Thorne

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The athletic fraternity and Alleyne School members came together this morning to pay tribute to one of their brightest and fastest stars, Ronald “Concord” Thorne at the Roman Catholic Cathedral at Jemmotts Lane, St Michael, this morning.
In a thanksgiving service presided over by Monsignor Vincent Blackett, the overriding theme of the presentation was the love and affection which Thorne had shown to so many people.
There were tributes in word, song and dance.
In the absence of a casket as Thorne had passed away on Febraury 9th, this year in the United States, the altar bore a photo of the ever smiling Thorne and it was bedecked, as was the Cathedral in all of the colours which were significant in Thorne’s life. 
The burgundy and blue of the Alleyne School, the aquamarine and gold of Barbados, the white and green of Freedom Striders and the green and yellow of the University of Miami where he was inducted into the hall of fame. (KB)