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Show us the money

Carol Martindale

Show us the money

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Declare your finances.
This is the view of Nation online readers who believe that the finances of ministers of religion should be made public.
We asked our readers if they believed some ministers of religion were using the pulpit just for profit, or if they were just a few bad apples in the bunch?
This issue came to the fore on Thursday when Senator Reverend David Durant revealed there was evidence that some church leaders were “merchandising” religion to fill their pockets.
This is what some of our readers had to say on the matter:
Michelle Husbands:  “Yes there are those who seek to make a profit out of religion forgetting that the Bible tells us to ‘buy the gospel and not to sell it’ and forgetting the bigger picture which is ultimately Salvation.  I tend to think that there are just a few bad apples and yes, considering that they depend in most cases on their congregation to meet their  ‘financial’ needs in terms of them getting a salary, I tend to believe that it should be made public. Why should they have something to hide?
Greta Marlin: “I too agree that all churches should provide an annual financial report to the public. They use their elaborate style of dressing as part of their code of conduct, so what is so wrong with providing account of their finances to the public? Lots of  ‘corner’ churches are springing up just about everywhere and monetary assistance to the public from most (if not all) churches is unheard of. This makes one wonder if “operating” a church is just a tax free business opportunity for many.
“I think ministers should be paid for their services and that they should also be required to produce a ministerial degree before being allowed to erect a church or provide religious services from any pulpit”.
 Claudette Jones Coppin : “It’s a shame that a code of conduct has to be implemented in the first place what happened to the pastor and preacher ordained to do God’s work which is to spread the gospel. I know I must be old fashioned but that is what I figured their job was all about. Money has nothing to do with it.
“I know so many full time evangelists and born again Christians who are working full time for the Lord and living from his favour and it disgusts me to see and hear that there are those wolves in sheep clothing out there “looking to get rich ” because they have the “gift of the Gab”. But they will be dealt with by the Almighty’s hand in his own good time”.
Dawn Rollins: “As far as I am concerned, a leader or leaders of churches should not be paid. They should give of their service to the church freely. This will solve all existing problems faced by some churches”.
Rosan Als: “I agree that their finances should be known”.
Julia Moseley: “Yes, their finances should be made public”.
Keisha: “What Mr Durant is saying is true. I don’t believe any pastor, priest or reverend should be merchandising. If there are doing it, they must stop!”
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