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Business survival tied to social media

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Business survival tied to social media

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IN?ORDER?TO?STAY?CURRENT and do well, businesses must keep up with social media and tablet technologies.
According to Steve Fung, director of new media technology department at Flying Fish Studios Inc., more people were interested in newer technologies and social media and that was the direction businesses should be moving if they wanted to remain current.
Addressing businesspeople during a social media summit at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Fung said, “If we think of Facebook as a country and we have our businesses, this is a country we would want to be in because people are always there. . . . So as businesspeople and service providers, we want to be present in this space, in this country.”
Fung told participants that online was “the way to go” since it would actually allow businesses to measure the volume of traffic and follow the demographic of that traffic.
Nad Cyrus, vice-president of information technology at Cidel Bank & Trust, cautioned the businesspeople about the threat of identity theft and spamming.
“We can’t stop [spam and identity theft] completely but we can control it. First, if you decide you are going to use social media in your company, you need to have a policy in place.
It starts there.
“Your social network policy should be tied to your information policy. You need to be able to protect that.
“You need to be able to define what exactly you want out there on the Internet in the public domain and what we don’t want out there,” Cyrus added.
He further warned companies to be careful when choosing people to represent their companies online, noting that consistent spelling of company names and positioning of logos was an important part of protecting the company’s image. (MM)