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Count on the Coach

Carol Ann Tudor

Count on the Coach

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Today is Ash Wednesday and in a service at the St Leonard’s Parish Church Reverend Jeffrey Gibson told some students worshipping there that when all seems lost, they can count on the Coach to back them.
His comments were made earlier as he delivered the sermon at Midday Mass during a special Ash Wednesday service at which students of the St Leonard’s Boys’ School were present.
Gibson compared the current athleteic season to the race of life and told the congregation that they were all athletes. He said although they may have been distracted or may have stumbled down the wrong path, God was always there to welcome them back and give them another chance.
He added: “Ash Wednesday offers us the choice to go back home to the creator our God, who despite we may have let him down, always welcomes us back. May God grant us that Grace and strength always to press on to the finish line” he said.