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Probe into molestations

Mike King

Probe into molestations

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THE?recent wave of molestations at primary schools is being probed by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development.
Acting Chief Education Officer Laurie King said the acts, which were alleged to have taken place at two primary schools, have been brought to the attention of the ministry.
King made the comments in a Government Information Service release yesterday in which the two schools were named, but the MIDWEEK NATION has taken the decision to withhold the names of the schools in order to protect the respective student bodies.
“The alleged acts are now being investigated by the Royal Barbados Police Force, and the ministry is also conducting its own investigations.”
King gave the assurance that officers from the Nursery and Primary section of the ministry, as well as from the Student Services department, were providing the necessary assistance to the schools.
Just last week at a secondary school, a girl was assaulted while the mother of a four-year-old boy who was reportedly buggered at a Christ Church school, has sought the services of an attorney-at-law.
The girl, a third form student, was allegedly molested on the eve of her 14th birthday by three boys in the boys’ bathroom of a St Michael school.
The mother of the girl told the MIDWEEK?NATION that her daughter was grabbed by a boy and dragged into the boys’ bathroom.
The other two boys reportedly joined in and the three proceeded to molest her.
She was not sexually assaulted but suffered some bruises and, according to her mother, was clearly shaken by the March 2 incident.
The mother said her daughter identified the boys to the guidance counsellor and the year head. She was taken to the doctor later that day by officers of the Black Rock Police Station.
“The school is aware of the unfortunate incident and the matter has our attention. It will be dealt with,” the principal said.
This is the fourth incident of this kind over the past four weeks, following reports of a buggering at a southern primary school and other deviant acts at primary schools in St James and St Michael.
The mother of the boy who was reportedly buggered has sought the services of attorney-at-law Kristin Edwards, a junior partner in  the law firm of Pilgrim and Associates.
The boy is said to have been buggered three times two weeks ago and once more last week in the school’s bathroom.
Last month, a seven-year-old boy was accused of sexually assaulting two eight-year-old girls at a school in the north while another seven-year-old boy reportedly assaulted a female classmate at a St Michael school.