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AWRIGHT DEN!: My women all

Corey Worrell

AWRIGHT DEN!: My women all

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On Tuesday, MARCH?8, the world celebrated International Women’s Day.
Today, Thursday, March 10, I want to celebrate Women In My Life Day. It is a day celebrating females who have significantly contributed to my life in the areas of personal development, professional development, entrepreneurship and music.
Let’s begin with the two greatest persons in the world: my best friend, No. 1 fan, and wife Jodi, and my two-week-old daughter Oasis.
My wife has taught me how to be a good communicator, to be principled, honouring and caring. She has supported me in every area of my life and continues to encourage me to pursue my dreams. My daughter has brought me great joy and satisfaction and has taught me effective time management and sacrifice.
I lived in Queensland, Australia, for five plus months as a missionary. I was the only black and Caribbean person living on the base of more than 100 people from North America, Canada and Europe. While I was there I taught the males how to press clothes, use a washing machine, hang out clothes, clean a bathroom, wash by hand, make ice (I am not kidding).
One day the guys decided to clean the girl’s flats, and I led the process. I found it quite disturbing that none of the guys knew how to mop or clean a kitchen. I decided I would clean the kitchen. Afterwards, the girls came back and were amazed at my work.
At that point I had to inform them that the average Barbadian male could clean a kitchen by age 13. Later that day I telephoned my mum Nova Worrell and thanked her for making me do chores as a child.
If you have siblings, you know they drive you crazy; yet you would do anything to defend them. My sister Nicole has taught me the greatest virtue: “patience”. She has used my personal things without permission and hid my belongings.
Despite all of this, I was able most times to keep my cool and not retaliate. I am a patient person today because of her.
My dad passed away in 2002 when my little sister Ajene’ was only eight. I felt a need to be that father figure in her life. I spent many days mentoring and advising her.
Ajene’ is very outspoken; so I had to deal with the uncomfortable topics of sexuality and boyfriends. Many times in her teens I had to put my foot down as it relates to her choice of clothes. She has contributed significantly to my “fathering” abilities.
In 2004, I attended a family conference hosted by Family Heartbeat Ministries, which was managed by June Fowler. I was so impressed by her work that I made it a priority to meet her, and when I did I asked her to be one of my mentors, which she accepted.
Later that year, she supported and encouraged me to attend a Christian entrepreneurship youth conference in Vaasa, Finland, and the following year the annual general meeting in Stuttgart, Germany. It was through these conferences that my desire to travel the world began.
Since then I have been to every continent except Antarctica in the capacity of an international youth leader, motivational speaker, musician and missionary.
While a student at Christ Church Foundation, I was vey talkative and mischievous. There was one teacher who generally cared for me during my time there: Joyce Piggot. She was more than a teacher to me. Actually, I believe I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. She has truly had a significant impact on my life.
Althea Charles and Laurel Springer are two young ladies whom I turn to for advice. They are very intelligent, articulate and globally-minded, and most of all not intimidated by me – lol, lol, lol. I look forward to chatting with them, as their ideas and concepts are refreshing and very thought-provoking. They keep me on my toes.
Last but not least, Suzanne Henry – known to many as Aunty Suzie. She was my piano teacher for about ten years. I no longer play piano, as I am now a guitarist and lead vocalist; but her contribution has propelled me significantly in the industry granting me the opportunity to perform in Suriname, Finland, Uganda and Australia.
I am one who is truly grateful to and appreciative of women, as they have truly been a blessing to me. I pray that as I succeed in life I will also be a blessing to them.