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Cellphone law soon

Lisa King

Cellphone law soon

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It could soon be against the law to drive and use cellphones.
Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite said proposed legislative intervention for later this year could see road users breaking the law if they drive and use their cellular phones at the same time.
While speaking at the breakfast meeting of the General Insurance Association of Barbados (GIAB) this morning, he said one of the top priorities for the Government was the need to address the deficiencies in the Road Traffic Act.  
Brathwaite said there was a leaning towards the direction of maintaining hands free devices but stressed there was the need to continue to send the signal of the importance of reducing recklessness on the roads. 
“Just having cellphones banned will not necessarily mean the reduction of accidents…. we have to encourage people to be more responsible on the roads, we cannot just ban everything because it comes up”.
The Attorney General  also stressed that Government had pledged its continued support to the insurance industry.
Michael Holder President of the GIAB said the issues pertaining to the Road Traffic Act and the issue of the use of cellphones, breathalyzer tests, presentation of driver’s licenses and the presentation of Insurance certificates at an accident were matters high on the agenda of the association.