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Schools on target for September

Carlos Atwell

Schools on target for September

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THE TWO SCHOOLS currently under a multimillion-dollar education sector enhancement programme will be ready for class come September.
Minister of Education Ronald Jones said both the modifications to Harrison College and construction of the primary school at Staple Grove in Christ Church would be completed “in time”.
Ministry officials and the media went on a tour of both schools yesterday, as well as of Sharon Primary.
At Harrison College, there was a two-storey addition under construction, which architect Robert Woodstock said was an energy-efficient building.
“Special care was taken not to destroy any trees. Other examples are a green parking area where, instead of asphalt, we used ‘grasscrete’ (concrete blocks with grass planted inside). The whole shape and design of the building allows for good cross-ventilation and natural light,” he said.
Woodstock, of Harold Morrison & Robert Woodstock Associates Caribbean Ltd, said the project was slightly behind schedule but under the $3.7 million budget by about ten per cent. He said work should be finished “in a matter of weeks”.
In addition, John Griffith of ADB Consultants & Services Engineers said the school’s information technology fibre network was being extended to all blocks of the school.
At Staple Grove, Jones revealed the school there would be named after teacher Wilfred Blackman and community worker Sir Clyde Gollop – the Blackman-Gollop Primary School.
The minister said it would accommodate about 630 pupils from the South District and St David’s Primary schools and would be completed by July for school in September.
Architect Laura McClean of Gillespie & Steel said the $7.7 million school featured a rectangular design around an inner courtyard so teachers could keep an eye on students at all times. She said a part of it could also serve as a hurricane shelter where shutters could be drawn down.
There are 21 classrooms, a library, a laboratory, two nutrition centres and rooms for staff, as well as specialist rooms.
The minister’s tour also took in Sharon Primary School. This site, no part of the enhancement project, was being funded by the Maria Holder Trust.
The school will house 120 students at a cost of $1.5 million and is scheduled to be completed in May for school in September.