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Don’t sell to under 18s

Carol Martindale

Don’t sell to under 18s

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Retailers should not be selling cigarettes to people under 18 years old.
In fact, this move should be complemented with an education programme that highlights the health dangers of smoking.
These are the views of some online readers in a Nation Talkback on the issue, which was sparked by the relaunch of the Youth Smoking Prevention Programme on Thursday.
Ricky Nurse, chief executive officer of Brydens Barbarees Limited, which was behind the relaunch said: “The underpinning objective of the Youth Smoking Programme is to block the sale of tobacco products to minors at the point of sale”.
We asked our Nation Facebook readers if they agreed that retailers should not sell cigarettes to teenagers under 18 and these are some of the views shared.
Amanda Swick: “Yes I agree. It should be illegal like it is here in Canada. Minors should not be allowed to purchase tobacco although they will still find a way to smoke, illegal or not.”
Dely de Silvia: “So, they shouldn’t buy cigarettes or smoke. I agree. It’s good for them”.
Del N Houle: “I totally and completely agree that retailers should refrain from selling cigarettes to the youngsters. Look at how messed up today’s youth are. It’s for their own good”.
Margaret Ross: “Ask for identification if you think that the person buying the cigarettes is under 18. Most importantly, show or tell the young people what the consequences are when they do smoke.”
Miche Clarke: “Oh, as well in the Canadian market it is a legal requirement for tobacco producers to not only put a written warning on the pack but a graphic picture of the long term effects on different organs of the body. I think that is also a good tactic”.
Greta Marlin: “I, too, am in full agreement that tobacco or alcohol should not be sold to 18 year olds. Educating the youth on the dangers is the best way to go”.