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Bar brew

Tim Slinger

Bar brew

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CONFUSION IS BREWING over the Barbados Bar Association’s recent announcement it is supporting Government’s move to amend the Supreme Court of Judicature Act to facilitate the appointment of United States-based jurist Marston Gibson as next Chief Justice.
Several members of the Bar’s executive council have expressed disapproval and have charged that the statement is null and void since it was never discussed or approved.
In a heated exchange of emails, of which the DAILY NATION was able to obtain copies, one council member declared not being in agreement with the announcement, since the fundamental issue was whether the legislation “should be amended to accomodate the appointment of a particular person”.
Noting there should be no siding with anyone’s political agenda, another council member said the Bar should only be concerned with what was right and legal.
Another council member queried whether the Bar’s position should not have been okayed in its first draft state before it was disseminated to the Press.
“This is an extremely important legal development that must not be dismissed as if it were a proposal for two-way traffic along the entire length of Roebuck Street.”
When reached yesterday, president Andrew Pilgrim said he was aware of the brewing controversy.
“Council has mixed views on the issue. A number of members of the Bar have expressed the fact that they don’t support the Bar’s statement. Some others have expressed support for it,” he told the DAILY NATION.