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DEAR CHRISTINE: Willing to work at any job

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Willing to work at any job

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Dear  Christine,
I have been trying to get a job for the longest time and just can’t get one. I sent my resumé to so many places that I am now tired and fed up of being turned down.
I am a qualified social worker with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science (social work), and willing to do the work. But I can settle for something less;
I just really need a job as I have my two-year-old son to take care of. Please help me.
– SS
Dear SS,
Your frustration over your inability to get a job, and anxiety about providing for your child is understandable.
Being a university graduate too, it must be doubly difficult for you to accept your situation as your specialised training was supposed to ensure you have a sustainable career.
Even though you may have every right to feel frustrated, I urge you to be patient and recognise that you are in the midst of a global recession and jobs are hard to come by.
As you are willing to work at any job, this demonstrates how serious and well meaning you are.
You can therefore be assured that I will seek out what opportunities that may exist in order to assist you. In the meantime, keep on searching as well.  
– Christine