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Blackett’s advice to fathers

Trevor Yearwood

Blackett’s advice to fathers

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Don’t abandon your children!
That was the message which Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development Steve Blackett had for fathers today.
Contributing to debate on the 2011-12 Estimates in the House of Assembly, he complained about “a large number” of young “deadbeat fathers” who had left mothers to take care of their offspring.
According to Blackett, mothers “struggled on a daily basis to support these children”.
He said young men should take their responsibilities as a father seriously.
“Help me to convince these young men that they are fathers and that if they went on a rainy night or a sunny day and enjoyed the sweets, that they should now share in the sweetness of raising their children.”
Blackett added: “I am a father of three sons, and I take my responsibility very seriously.”