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Gline knocks Government

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Gline knocks Government

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Opposition St George North MP Gline Clarke today charged that Government had treated the 2011- 2012 Estimates of Revenue and  xpenditure as a mere academic exercise.
The former Minister of Transport and Works said while Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler had spoken about growth, had not identified in his presentation where the growth would be obtained.Clarke charged that in three years Government had built no capacity in any area of the economy despite heavy expenditure.“Is Government building capacity for future generations? Where is the money being spent?” he asked.Clarke said Government had spent over $100 million in tourism but there was a situation where Government was actually paying people to come to Barbados. He said as long as Government continued that policy, even if tourism numbers were up, receipts emanating from the sectorwo uld be low. He said the Ministry of Tourism should be spending its money on traditional markets like Canada and the United Kingdom where those visitors actually spent money. (WG)