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Traffic fix needed

Trevor Yearwood

Traffic fix needed

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Despite the millions of dollars Government has spent on roundabouts, Barbados still needs to find a fix for traffic congestion.
Member of Parliament for St Thomas, Cynthia Forde, made this complaint in the House of Assembly earlier today.
Forde said while Government had brushed aside the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) administration’s idea of flyovers to ease traffic congestion, it had ended up spending a lot of money on roundabouts in trying to solve the problem.
“If this Government had invested in the flyovers, we would not be spending all those millions in roundabouts,” she said.
Forde was taking part in the debate on the annual Estimates of Revenue and ExpenditureShe said the failure of the roundabouts plan was evident in the Warrens, St Michael area, where congestion was an everyday feature.
In this and other areas “the flyovers … would have eased that congestion”, she argued.
In a wide-ranging presentation, Forde said Government had chalked up failures in many areas, including communications, public health, management of the economy and disaster mitigation.