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Call for tsunami warning centre

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Call for tsunami warning centre

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The calls for a tsunami early warning centre in the Caribbean are getting louder.
The latest shout has come from Puerto Rico’s representative to the US Congress who called on the Obama administration to establish a warning system for the US territory and the Caribbean.
“This centre will result in improved tsunami detection, warning and education activities in the Caribbean,” Pedro Pierluisi said.
The devastating tsunami that hit Japan and left thousands dead has made many in the region nervous.
Mr Pierluisi, a non-voting resident commissioner in the House of Representatives, introduced a bill asking the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to establish such a facility at the University of Puerto Rico.
He added that despite the tsunami threat facing the US Caribbean territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, the only two warning centres in America are located in the Pacific region.
Puerto Rico has been earmarked as a Caribbean centre by United Nations agencies and countries within the region since the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004.
But progress has been slow and the earliest implementation date is now expected to be 2014. (BBC)