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Cuthbert Moore, Bay Primary out front

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Cuthbert Moore, Bay Primary out front

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On a truly record-breaking day, Cuthbert Moore and Bay Primary hold the early leads going into the finals of the 2011 Pine Hill National Primary Schools’ Athletic Championships.
Earlier today at the National Stadium, Cuthbert Moore took the lead among the boys with ten points following Antonio Farrell’s win in the high jump. Farrell cleared 1.40 metres with Charles F. Broome’s Zachary Moore (1.37m) and Lee-Andre Walker (1.31m) of Williams Industries West Terrace second and third, respectively.
Bay Primary had two finalists in the girls’ event, including Dishonna Howell who was third at 1.20m to get 10.5 points. The winner was Whitney Fanfan of Hilda Skeene with a clearance of 1.32m. Alayna Robinson of West Terrace was second with 1.26m.
Seven records were broken on the track and another was equalled as the athletes rewrote the books.
The finals will be held on Monday and the best is yet to come.
Results of events completed at the semi-finals of the 2011 Pine Hill National Primary Schools’ Athletic Championships today at the National Stadium.
Open Girls’ High Jump
1.      Whitney Fanfan (Hilda Skeene) 1.32 metres, 2. Alayna Robinson (West Terrace) 1.26m, 3. Dishonna Howell (Bay Primary) 1.20m
Open Boys’ High Jump
1.      Antonio Farrell (Cuthbert Moore) 1.40m, 2. Zachary Moore (Charles F. Broome) 1.37m, 3. Lee-Andre Walker (Williams Industries West Terrace) 1.31m
Points at the end of the semi-finals
Girls: 1. Bay Primary 10.5, 2. Hilda Skeene 10, 3. Williams Industries West Terrace 8, 4. Welches 7, 5. St Winifred’s 2.5, 6. George Lamming 1
Boys: 1. Cuthbert Moore 10, 2. Charles F. Broome 8, 3. George Lamming 7, 4. Williams Industries West Terrace 6, 5. Bayleys 5, 6. St Winifred’s 2, 7. Belmont 1