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DE MARKET VENDOR: Foul-ups, bleeps and blunders

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DE MARKET VENDOR: Foul-ups, bleeps and blunders

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QUOTE of the week: “I can’t believe that wunnah join the race late.”
The poor soul uttering dem words?  A TV presenter who did not realize de mic was on. Location: Garrison Savannah. Occasion? The richest and most prestigious horse race in the Caribbean, the Sandy Lane Gold Cup.
More and better was to come. A fella was heard to say “He is a nice filly” – maybe he was showing he preferences! The sweetness now start. Hold on, my people. Hear another fella: “There are hundreds of scores of people out here.”– a big crowd fuh sure!  Another gem: “We are going to have a LIVE  repeat.” But de centrepiece of the coverage had to be de Bajan who after the race could be heard loud and clear saying, “Cor blime, I tell wunnah dat horse gwine win.”
The best entertainment of the week; not even American Idol could rival wunnah, CBCTV; wunnah outdid yuhselves. This was one fuh de books and every time we tink it can’t get no worse, wunnah prove we wrong. Mek de Vendor proud, nuh; send muh a copy fuh muh archives and ah beg wunnah don’t wait till Independence to show it again. Show it daily, so we can see wuh having a single TV station can do fuh a country. It too sweet.
But yuh know if I did de Love Man (my boy Freundel), something would have to happen. Wunnah could not be allowed to do dat to me, not in 2011, not after all de money from taxpayers that get pump in dey decade after decade, not after the type of top class broadcasters that nu-zid to wuk there.
Poor Pearson, he like de boy pun de burning deck. he must be sorry he ever left down by de Riverside! Can you imagine wuh de people overseas who did viewing that thought ’bout Bubbadus and we claim to have 98 per cent literacy?
The race end up in controversy too just like the soca finals in T&T. I hear nuff people airing duh mout’ pun the big money that get pay out for competitions. The benchmark was $2 million TT and all told ’bout $10 million TT get pay out. A man say “Padna, de hospital like de La Bas, de road have pothole, de pole-eas can hole de criminals, but allyuh giving millions to Machel and dem.”
But yuh see me, I glad fuh de artistes. Why everybody else can earn a decent living and not dem? We does overpay some jokers who don’t even understand the importance of cricket to we as a people and who does get beat morning, noon and night, so why not the artistes who does create sweet music at high cost to themselves and not even sure of a return on the investment?
It is true some does write and sing bare junk and does get vex when de radio stations don’t play it but them at least willing to tek de risk and mek de investment. The only investment some cricketers does mek is in buying a box to protect their “future”. But the artistes does write, arrange, rehearse and tek nuff risks – and still some would grudge them lil success? Most artistes today does still have to go looking fuh sponsorship from business people. Could dear, yuh mean them ain’t to get some sweets too?
I say to Winston Gypsy Peters, Minister of Culture in T&T and to muh girl Kams, a promise is a promise and wunnah deliver pun de promise.
I Market Vendor gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?