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He’s got the look

Natanga Smith Hurdle

He’s got the look

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If Zandre Bowen told you that he has been dancing for the past five years it shouldn’t be a surprise. What is surprising is that although he is also a model, he prefers acting.
Zandre got into dancing five years ago through a former girlfriend Shaunna Yearwood and competes in the Strictly Latin Dance competition when time permits.
Standing 6 and a half feet tall it wasn’t hard for Zandre to break into the modelling business.
“The physical attributes that I acquired through gym training, [he works out four days a week] prior to my entrance, are demanded in the regional fashion industry, thus helping to propel me into the market and solidifying my position there.”
To top that his first big gig came the day after he signed with Gadal Model Management Inc.
“I was afforded the esteemed pleasure of occupying the stage with the extremely talented, stunning and illustrious local superstar, Alison Hinds. I secured this opportunity also due to my background in dance.”
Zandre is the first to admit that in his younger years he  paid little attention to fashion
“Now I am more conscious of  it but I am still not overly concerned with it. I tend to wear what looks good but is also comfortable and offers as little restriction as possible, especially when partying. I don’t sacrifice my comfort for the sake of fashion.
“For the most part I play by my own rules. I tend not to be easily influenced. I won’t be wearing any tight pretty coloured pants, dropped down by my knees anytime soon.”
So said he related how for a fashion show he had to wear a swimwear design which comprised of a black jacket littered with huge safety pins, a black tie and a black boxer brief which left little to the imagination.
He gives kudos to the number of designers in the industry who are doing an amazing job and who make the Barbados Fashion Industry one to be reckoned with. “However, for me personally, the designer whose work appeals to my sense of fashion most is Rojoe”, he said.
 Zandre is excited about life and while in his spare time he lets loose by partying he feels most excited when he is on stage.
“Whether it is acting, dancing or modeling I have great passion for the stage”.
Zandre is proud of his modelling track record so far and said: “I think being able to stay in the industry as long as I have is one of the achievements I am most proud of. It really requires that a great measure of self control be exercised, especially with someone as straight forward as I am.
“Sometimes the superficial nature of the industry can prove to be a thorn, requiring that you learn to coexist with persons who may not share your disposition as it relates to life.”
Zandre opines that all that glitter isn’t gold in the modelling industry and speaks out again the underhandedness he has experienced at the hands of some show organisers.
“I wish people would understand that modeling is a job that requires time and effort like any other. Preparation goes beyond simply walking up and down the catwalk in designer clothing and there is a cost associated with this preparation.
“Skin and hair care products (for the females), gym memberships and products, the time and gas utilized to attend rehearsals etc all have a cost associated them.
“Therefore I say to the organizers of local shows: Just as you would not fathom expressing to the sound or lighting engineers, or the venue owners that due to “hard times”, you will be unable to offer monetary compensation for their efforts, do not be disrespectful enough to say so to models under the guise that it is “a chance to get exposure”.