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DEAR CHRISTINE: Woman cheating on decent fiancé

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Woman cheating on decent fiancé

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Dear Christine,
There is a woman in my neighbourhood who is planning to get married some time later this year.
This woman is very smart and is still involved with her former lover – a man whose only desire in life is a drink.
When her house was under construction, she would sneak into that house with another man after her fiancé left at night.
She is involved with another man whom her family portrays to be a close family friend. Sometimes she also met this man at the house of one of his sisters.
From what I know she, too, is involved with another man, one who lives overseas. When he comes to Barbados – Christine, I’m not “malicious” – she is with him.
Her fiancé is allowing her pretty face to fool him. On one occasion someone told me of seeing her parking her car and being picked up by another man.
Time is short, but I hope that this woman would change her lifestyle before she contracts an unwanted disease.
Christine, her fiancé speaks to everyone in the neighbourhood [as he passes through] but does not really socialize.
I wish I could say something to him [to put him on his guard].
In closing, I would say to this man – who divorced a decent lady to be with this woman – that where wise men fail to go, fools madly rush in.
May God bless you. Continue the good work.
Dear Concerned Neighbour,
You are being “malicious” – meddlesome!
What makes this woman’s business so important that you feel you should let the whole of Barbados know? Who cares if she has four or five men? What is it to you?
If what you are saying is true, this woman’s lifestyle should be condemned. But she cannot continue in this way for long without her spouse finding out at some point.
It is none of your business to inform him about what you think his woman may be doing either. That concerns him and his wife-to-be, and you should butt out of their business.
I have a hunch that you are purposely spreading rumours about this woman’s character because you know the man’s ex-wife. All I can advise you is to be careful taking up people’s “fire-rage” as you may be the one who gets burned.
– Christine