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British Latin champions coming

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British Latin champions coming

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THE LATIN DANCE scene here is in for an eye opener when the British Professional Latin Champions and the United Kingdom Closed Professional  Latin Champions visit Barbados for the upcoming Strictly Latin dance competition at Wildey Gymnasium.
But, Robert Boyce co-founder of Jahbulani Strictly Latin, is also of the opinion that the visit will bring exposure to Barbados because the trip is being advertised in London and that it would also help the local Latin dancers tremendously.
 “Latin is getting very big in Barbados and it continues to attract young people every year at the Strictly Latin competitition. Some of the competitors  are no more than children and from one year to next you see how they improve,” he said.
“When our dancers went down to Blackpool to perform that is where they met the  champions. The champions were so impressed with the standard of dancing that we presented, that they wanted to know more about Barbados. They exchanged email addresses and that is how we were able to invite them to Barbados to perform at Strictly Latin”.
Boyce said  the dancers were expected to hold a symposium and demonstrations to expose locals to international style latin.
 “Dancing is their job on the outside. They school their children and build their homes from the profession. The local exposure would be timely. It is okay watching a video tape or reading a book that teaches you to dance and trying to understand what the tutors are doing. To get it straight from the horses mouth is a totally different picture.”
Although not giving an estimate of how many fans  will be accompanying the champions, Boyce feels that every little  would help because “the British market is not as healthy as we would want it to be”.
Boyce however lamented that sponsorship was a problem for the promotion of Latin.
“It is always difficult with sponsrship and now with the economic problems that countries  it is even more difficult this year” .
Barbados boasts of a number of ballroom clubs, but Jahbulani is the only one that does strictly latin. Strictly Latin is held annually and attracts about six clubs.