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Puppy love

Carol Martindale

Puppy love

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This is a story about Corrie, Cleo and Cancer. It is also a story of Hope.
Three years ago to the month, Cleo, a 12- year-old Staffordshire Pitbull Terrier was diagnosed with cancer.
When doting “mum” Corrie Scott was told by her vet that the dog she had from a pup, only had three months at max to live, she was devastated.
But she fought for Cleo to live, researching cures for the Stage 2 mast cell cancer she was diagnosed with.
Corrie used the Internet to reach out to friends in other countries who could offer some remedy that would prolong the life of her “baby”.
She was fortunate and today Cleo, although older and a little slower, is in a better state than three years ago when she had to face the worst.
Rewind to October, 2008; that’s when it all started.
Doctors operated on Cleo and removed the lumps then. This canine friend was in a bad state, recalled Corrie, who said that the cancer which was at Stage 2 did not offer a promising prognosis. In December that year, she  had to face what at that time seemed to be a near end for Cleo.
Doctors had told her to try to spend as much quality time with her and make the most of her final days.
“I cried rivers,” said Corrie.
That night, the well-known artist and photographer was sitting at her computer, searching Google for some good news for her pal. She was determined to fight for Cleo, who accompanied her almost everywhere she went.
“Cleo travels to work with me at the studio, she travels around in my car all the time. She goes almost all places. She even used to go to restaurants with me,” she said.
“I have no children, so she is my child” she said.
In addition to searching Google, Corrie also used the Net to reach out to those she knew across the globe for help.
She struck gold.
A friend who is an artist from California suggested she try a particular remedy. At the time, Cleo was on steroids try a particular remedy. At the time, Cleo was on steroids every day. She has been for the last three years. She was also on Evening Primrose Oil.
The Google search had also shown that fatty meats and fatty mince, plus sardines in oil were good for her condition.
Cleo’s cancer cure from her friend, however, was one dessert spoon of ground flaxseed oil mixed with one tablespoon of cottage cheese, along with a high quality chow.
Corrie said Cleo looked better now than she did even two years ago, when there were times she had no hair. “I even used Head and Shoulders on her, because it is a medicated soap,” she said, laughing.
Cleo still runs around and jumps into the sea, which she accesses with the use of a small ladder Corrie taught her to use. She also opens doors for visitors to her St James home.
On the morning of the interview, Cleo was splashing around in the sea, and after, she was getting ready to go to polo at Apes Hill in St James with Corrie.
Today, Corrie is still mixing up Cleo’s daily diet, and following the doctor’s original orders to spend as much quality time with her baby.
“She’s old and is resting more, but Cleo is still happy”.