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THE AL GILKES COLUMN: Now it’s planting ‘seeds’

Al Gilkes

THE AL GILKES COLUMN: Now it’s planting ‘seeds’

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I am not a member of any particular church or denomination because I prefer to be a free spirit with no limitation on where I can or should connect with the Almighty.
As a result, when I relax in front of the television with nothing to do than surf the channels, I just as often find myself engrossed with the local and foreign shouts on CBC and TBN as I am with the less animated Seventh-Day offerings on 3ABN and the Catholic engagement of EWTN.
Nevertheless, I have become fascinated by the mounting focus among many of those preaching the Word locally and on TBN on the concept of “seeding”. In fact, there is so much emphasis
on seeding these days that many of the previously popular methods of asking captive congregations and audiences for money are seldom heard any more.
Encouraging you to receive a piece of blessed cloth or a phial of miracle water in exchange for a $50 pledge has now been replaced by calls for you to provide $1 000 seedings, whether by way of cash, cheques (no rubber please) or credit card. The difference between this and previous money-raising techniques is that seeding is touted as being the planting for any and everything you want to receive in the future.
As one proponent put it, “it works in the same sense as when you pray over your food and say, Thank you, God, for what I am about to receive”. With seeding, you are saying: “Before I receive this, I am acknowledging the presence of it.”
Another proponent explains that seeding is one of the most profound, best kept secret in the Bible. He says: “It has been called faith tithing, and we could also call it pre-tithing, except it’s not based upon ten per cent of what you’ve received. It’s based upon the amount you want to receive, and there’s no limit to how it can come in.
“Still another name for it is the tenfold increase. For the bigger thinkers, it’s called the hundredfold increase, and for the gigantic thinkers, it’s called a millionfold increase.”
He continues: “Seeding says, ‘I know this future event will come through God’s bounty’. That could be money, better health, a change in job and so on. How does God bring that to you? However God does it.
“And rarely does it come just exactly the way you expect. This idea of casting forward through seeding must include an act that commits you to it as a mental focus.
“You need a clear vision, a clear idea of how you want it to be, and you seed for that. Then you wait for the harvest. You make sure it’s watered and fertilized by keeping your mind on what you want; you water and fertilize it out of your mental desires. It’s an attitude or vision.”
He adds: “It’s a phenomenal experience, but you may not know it until you try it. If you just take my word for it, you may never know. You have to do it for yourself.”
Years ago, a fortune-teller in a London pub read my palm and told me that I was destined to be a preacher. Maybe it’s that time for me to provide some land in which people can plant their seeds.