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DEAR CHRISTINE: Honest Person not being truthful

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Honest Person not being truthful

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Dear Christine,
In reference to the letter printed in the MIDWEEK NATION of March 16 by “Honest Person”, I am the person that she is speaking about.
A story has two sides and I would like to put in my two cents worth, so to speak.
Honest Person did lend me a few hundred dollars and to this date I have paid back all of what she loaned me.
I admit that I took longer than usual to pay back, but that was because of financial difficulties. When I did, I paid back a small amount first and then the full lump sum late last year.
The favour that Honest Person spoke about was one that was out of my hand and I could not accommodate her at that time. She wanted to borrow my car for her son who had gotten his licence no more than two weeks to drive for a whole day so he would not forget what he learnt.
At that time, I was paying a financial institution for my car so it really belonged to that institution. Had I loan her son my car and something had happened I would be held responsible.
Who would have repaired my car and the other vehicle should he have gotten into an accident? How would I explain that to the institution? How would I explain that to the insurance and the police?
Why did she not ask her boyfriend at the time to allow her son to drive his car which was manual while mine was automatic, and he has a manual licence? [In any case] when I first got my licence it took another year or so before I got behind the wheel of a vehicle, and it all came back to me.
I am not one to hold a grudge and do not hold people in my mind, but as to that friendship it went down the sewer from the way she behaved when I could not fulfil the favour that she asked.
As a friend to her I was there with her on the death of her father and then, her brother. I was there through her divorce and her son’s recent run-in with the law.
I know this letter is very long but can you please print it so that Honest Person can see how I feel.
I am deeply saddened by what she is saying about me, but I know the truth and I sleep like a baby at night.
Dear Deeply Saddened,
The misunderstanding and resentment generated by the positions you have both taken has soured what was an otherwise good relationship, and that is not good.
You and Honest Person need to have a frank discussion with each other.
Get a third party whom both of you feel comfortable with to referee the proceedings, so each of you can spell out your feelings and then, hopefully, reconcile.
A solid friendship involving mutual trust is a precious thing to have. I urge both of you to stop talking at each other and start speaking to one another to resolve this matter.
All the best to both of you.
– Christine

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