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Buried finally in family plot

Maria Bradshaw

Buried finally in family plot

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SEVEN?MONTHS?after burying her elderly mother, Verlese Forde’s mind is finally at peace.
The body was exhumed yesterday and reburied in its rightful resting place – the family burial plot.
Last September, Estalene Forde was buried in the wrong spot at the Westbury Cemetery even though Verlese told everyone who would listen that the spot assigned to her mother was not the family’s burial plot.
It took a photograph to persaude officials that she was right.
A relieved Forde told the DAILY?NATION yesterday, as she watched soil technicians removing her mother’s casket from the hole, that when she visited the cemetery last year and saw the one being prepared she immediately told the person that it was the wrong hole.
“He told me that it was the right one and I called the funeral director and told him that they were digging the wrong hole but he also told me that it was the right one.” Forde said she also checked with the office at the cemetery and asked them to look up where her brother was buried in 2007, but again she was told that the records showed that they had assigned her mother the right plot.
Even at the funeral, Forde said, she could not shake off the uneasiness that she was feeling because she realised that they were not standing in the same place where they had stood for other deceased family members.
She contacted Superintendent of Cemeteries Ricky Cummins and after the records were checked it was discovered that her mother had been buried in plot 431 and not the double family plots 494 and 495 which were opposite 431.
Forde said she was pleased that the matter was finally rectified and that her mother would join her father and brother in the family plot.
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