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Moneys ‘still owed to KOMI’

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Moneys ‘still owed to KOMI’

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?GOVERNMENT SENATOR REGGIE HUNTE yesterday expressed concerns about substantial funds owed to Kensington Oval Management Incorporated (KOMI) by two cricket governing bodies.
He said there were people who used Kensington Oval, or dictated who should use the facility, and had not paid for that usage.
Hunte said many had enjoyed themselves at Kensington Oval last year during the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Twenty20 World Cup and KOMI had not received “a cent” from them.
“[There was] some excuse about the contract [not being] signed. And they used all the facilities. . . .Over $1 million was spent to prepare Kensington Oval and they haven’t got back a cent. These are matters I have raised with people in position to know. I have to be concerned as a taxpayer, and other people should be concerned too as well,” he said.
Hunte added: “The West Indies Cricket Board and the ICC and those people cannot come into Barbados and use taxpayers’ money and facilities as they like.”
He said the “stupidity” of the entire scenario was that the previous Government took taxpayers’ money and built a structure on land that was not the state’s, without any form of agreement.
The MIDWEEK NATION understands that KOMI is owed about $1 million by the cricketing bodies. (WG)