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‘We’ve got your back’

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‘We’ve got  your back’

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THE?Democratic Labour Party Government is committed to ensuring that the interests of CLICO?policyholders are protected.
Leader of Public Business in the Senate, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Maxine McClean, gave this assurance during her opening address in the Senate for the Appropriation Bill 2011 on Monday.
“This administration is committed to ensuring that the interests of Barbadians are protected and therefore our approach to dealing with that is to deal with it within the four walls of the legal system and allow that to work,” she said.
McClean also responded to concerns over the loss of two major cruise lines for the forthcoming summer and winter seasons.
“I have had to explain that in the summer, ships leave Barbados and they go to other destinations, especially Europe.
“I want to say to Barbados that we need to study the statistics and what happens. Ships will leave and ships will come.
“We will continue to work hard and address challenges where they arise and to manage our resources,” she said.
McClean also said that for the first time Barbados will host a Finnish cruise ship in December.
She told the Chamber that Government could feel proud of what it has achieved todate.
“When we look at unemployment, when we look at balance of payments, debt ratio, fiscal deficit, when we look at the contihnued ability of Barbadians to function in a reasonable level of comfort, notwithstanding those who feel hardships, what we have been able to do as a Government is to run this country and to manage this economy in a manner that is reasonable.
“I don’t know of any empirical evidence that has been provided to show otherwise,” she added. (MK)