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St Stephen’s gives thanks

Lisa King

St Stephen’s gives thanks

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Students of St Stephen’s Primary School have gained a greater appreciation for the food they eat and the many other gifts that God provides.
Last Wednesday the school hosted a harvest programme under the theme Lord, We Give You Thanks to highlight the importance of giving thanks. Stephan Walker, chairman of the school’s harvest committee, said: “We wanted to show the students the importance of giving thanks for the things God has given to us because these are all gifts for which we should be grateful.”    
He said the concept tied in with the school’s theme for the year – Food Production The Way To The Future – and gave many of the students their first experience of a harvest. “God is in the midst of the food, family, teachers – everything God has given to us. So it was a matter of combining the two as the school theme deals with food, and harvest is linked to sowing and reaping,” Walker explained.
The students, teachers and ancillary staff also presented a skit entitled Thankful Airlines – Welcome Aboard.
Walker said that the skit was an analogy of an aeroplane on which the passengers were sickness, greed, jealousy and failure – things for which people would not normally give thanks. As the passengers boarded the plane and started to lament their problems the aeroplanes experienced turbulence.
“The point that was being made was that . . . when you are travelling you will experience problems but Jesus is still the head and with him all things are possible and we should not only have faith in the good times but also the bad times he is still there with us,” Walker said.
Gratitude was also expressed for the many talents within the school through poetry, dance and song, and Mario Whitehall, an Adventist preacher, delivered the challenge to the students.