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DEAR CHRISTINE: Too many addicted to ‘Days’

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Too many addicted to ‘Days’

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Dear Christine,
Many?years ago I asked a pastor’s wife which would she choose between – staying at home to watch Days of Our Lives, or attend church?
I leave you to guess what her answer was.
I asked her that when Days was only about 15 minutes long, while the other 15 minutes was advertising. It was the time when, if memory serves me right, it was in black and white. Now that it is in living colour I can’t call people at that time.
Do you know that persons who are hooked on Days don’t even realize that they are? Yet they will tell you about who is hooked on drugs, sex, alcohol, et cetera.
And to make matters worse, so-called Christians are hooked on this programme as well.
Don’t they realize that they are allowing Satan to lull them into a false sense of slumber?
No wonder pastors, apostles, reverends,? elders and so on have such a hard time when we fill our minds with garbage instead of the Word of God.
It is a known fact that Bajans are hooked on Days of Our Lives. So many people can give you chapter and verse on what is happening in it.
But ask these same churchgoers what Bible text their pastor used in his or her sermon on Sunday and they are stumped.
Days of Our Lives has so many hooked that, if you remember, more than 30 years or so ago when the Government wanted to take it off of CBC, there was an outcry.
Wasn’t it about five years ago we heard that the time was not the best to show it as that was the time our children should be watching something more educational? Today, no-one can move it.
The Bible says rulers of darkness, the enemy, are at work, so much that like sand through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives. But the hour glass no longer works for us.
But we thank God for the faithful Barbadian and visiting prayer warriors that guide the peace of God in our land. A missionary went one day to talk to a shopkeeper. The shopkeeper said she was too busy and to come back. The missionary looked her full in her eyes and asked, “suppose I was death”?
Choose you this day whom you will serve.
– Days Versus Years
Dear Days Versus Years,
While your zeal to encourage people to serve God is commendable, you have to recognize that individuals have the freedom to choose what they want to do with their time – whether what they do can be considered moral or immoral.
Some people would tell you that the same deceit and treacherous behaviour they watch on Days of Our Lives they see among many congregations and that is why they have no time for church.
The reality is that people have a right to do what they want to, how they want and when they want to do it as long as it does not conflict with the laws of the country.
So just because you and others think what they are doing is contrary to God’s way does not matter.
With every action there are consequences and those who choose an earthly path and disregard God’s way would know what could happen to them.
If you feel this strongly against Days of Our Lives, get together with others of like mind and visit various churches and talk about it. You can also start a protest, collect signatures and take your petition to CBC.
– Christine