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DEAR CHRISTINE – Think about it again, VL

luigimarshall, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE – Think about it again, VL

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The following is a response to a letter carried on Monday, March 28, 2011, in which the writer, VL, questioned whether two people whom he/she calls friends should be so categorized as they have vehicles but are unwilling to give VL a ride. Christine advised VL that to assume his/her friends could just provide a ride on requests was wrong as they had their own schedules. 
Dear Christine, Well said. I believe that VL is taking this thing out of context. 
I had a similar problem and had to put a stop to it.
I also drive to church. There are two people who live near me so sometimes on my way home, if I did not have a prior engagement, I would take them home. 
Christine, this led to them waiting on me at the end of every service. At times I would take them home, then go about my business. I found this to be happening quite a lot, so I had to speak with them. 
Also they would invite one or two friends of theirs to church and would expect my car to be filled with them all after service. 
I had to put an end to it. 
I remember long before having a car I would never ask anyone for a ride even though I had to be travelling with my daughter, who was a baby at that time. Many days my daughter and I waited at the bus stop until transportation arrived.
VL needs to rethink this thing.