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EVERYTHING BUT – All over there!

Ridley Greene

EVERYTHING BUT – All over there!

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Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule – and both commonly succeed, and are right. – H.L. Mencken
ONE?MAY?BE?SEIZED of the cynicism of the now departed American essayist, satirist and critic Mencken, upon hearing the mouthings of the unself-effacing Rommell Marshall, who has convinced himself that his new mission on earth is the elimination of George Payne and Dale Marshall.
Rommell has come to believe even more firmly that the demise of his former Barbados Labour Party (BLP) colleagues is just a ballot box away, and that their perishing will be by his hands – or with his help.
Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner is obviously impressed by the one-time BLP apparatchik-turned-formidable party foe. What other reason could the good senator have had for allowing Mr Marshall a voice at her St Andrew constituency branch meeting last Sunday? 
It was not Rommell’s finest hour when to loud applause from members of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) he declared that St Andrew needed a “real representative”. The cheering, I wager, had all to do with the fact that that is what the Dems of St Andrew hold, and nothing to do with its being a revelation of Rommell’s.
The said Rommell may have been deluded.
Whether he canvasses St Andrew with Irene or not, the senator has as good a chance of winning the vote there as any. Irene doesn’t require any rocket science or scientist!
What racks the brain though is Mr Marshall’s stand on St Joseph. First, he was seeking the BLP nomination for the constituency, because he didn’t think the representation of Dale Marshall was doing the party’s name any good.
If the Bees didn’t get that, he was prepared to run as an Independent – and win – in the BLP’s own interest.
Now, Rommell is offering himself as a DLP candidate for said St Joseph in the next general election. But he is much less cantankerous with the Dems about not being accepted or chosen. He is quite prepared to throw his support behind whomever else the DLP St Joseph branch will choose.
Jump over here; jump over there; jump everywhere. Wa-lah! (Forgive me, Stedson.)
However he does it, Rommell wants to “shine light” in the riding, “from Dark Hole and beyond”. But he will be hard-pressed to convince anyone but himself that he is the angel of pure selflessness.
It is evident that Rommell is still smarting from Owen Arthur’s denunciations. He calls his former leader’s name with ire, though while he cannot contain his temper well on mention of Arthur, he is able to force a smile simultaneously for the camera.
Truth be told, Rommell is interestingly appealing – even if raw; breathtakingly engaging – even if funny; but daringly different.
So much so that of the last he is a BLPite waiting to be expelled, an Independent if need be, and a wannabe DLPite. Not again shall we hear from Rommell any more talk about “stinking Dems”.
It has to be assumed that the former minister of Government knows – even if we don’t – what he is doing, and that for every action there is a consequence.
Whatever Mr Marshall does, he will live with the consequences. They could be the baggage he has to bear about the place for a long time to come – a kind of political retribution.
As we have seen, up to this present term of Government – members will switch from one political party to another when they feel their perspectives are no longer valued in the party they began with or were elected through.
Rommell now sees the BLP as an embarrassment, especially to women (a throwback to the Mia Mottley ouster).
Many of us have not been exactly thrilled by those “gentlemen’s” manner of  “treating to” Mia; still there is some measure of respect due Owen as one of our better Prime Ministers.
But in keeping with the tone of cynicism, Albert Einstein warns that “all of us who are concerned for peace and triumph of reason and justice must be keenly aware how small an influence reason and honest good will exert upon events in the political field”.