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Adrian Lorde: Mum’s my inspiration

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Adrian Lorde: Mum’s my inspiration

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What is your greatest childhood memory? 
Passing the Common Entrance Examination for Boys’ Foundation School at age 10 as it was near to my Christ Church home and I would now be a big boy catching the school bus and so on, but my mother still dropped me to school every day. My first day at school in September 1965, I walked down Oistin’s Hill, caught the bus home with my school friends, but my mother went to the school looking for me and could not find me. When she got home, I got lashes for the last time in my life.
What is your most precious moment? 
Getting married over 26 years ago.
What keeps me passionate is my job. I am a workaholic. I would like to make Barbadians healthier, get them more active, and help rid or control the epidemic of non-communicable diseases here.  
My biggest regret is not doing Spanish at Boys’ Foundation School. We had to choose between French and Spanish, so I chose the more romantic French and passed it too. I was told that Spanish was easier to learn later. Since then I have attended three conversational courses and still could only speak little Spanish. I travel to many Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, have many Spanish speaking friends and colleagues, and they have recently nominated me as president of the Pan American Sports Medicine Federation to be contested in July this year. 
A life-changing moment happened when I went to UWI Mona, Jamaica, to study medicine. It was really difficult then. I had a first degree, but was a little tired studying by then. I did not have a scholarship or exhibition, so with limited funds, the economic crisis, violence, and food shortages I was on a mission. I had to make ends meet and earn my keep up there by doing photography. I made it with the help of God and have no regret for the hard life I lived and sacrifice made then. It has made me the person I am now.
My most treasured possessions are my camera, computer, and Blackberry device (not necessarily in that order). Not a possession but I must have pudding and souse on Saturday.
How did I ever exist without . . .  having a  refrigerator and stove in my apartment while living off-campus in Mona, Jamaica. I also remember bathing with one cup of water and having some left back when there was a water shortage there.
The person who has made the biggest impact on my life? My mother. She keeps inspiring me even now at age 87. She has a strong faith in God.
What I love most about myself now is . . .that I am independent and people like me for what I am and for what I do. I try to make people better by being an example of good health to them.