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DEAR CHRISTINE – Lustful living against God’s word

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Lustful living against God’s word

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Dear Christine,
God’s blessings to you. Thank you for your help and good advice to many of us.
Christine, I am a mother and a wife. I have two boys and a girl; I would love to see them succeed in life with loving, faithful partners, but I am worried about what is happening in Barbados. There is so much negativity around.
It’s so shameful to hear and see in the newspaper couples degrading one another, with women lusting over married men and other women’s men, and men lusting over married women and sharing other men’s women.
The truth is too many men neglect their women, their children and their duties because they’re too busy running around.
Men, you disrespect yourselves, get HIV or other sexually transmitted infections and pass them on to your women, who can pass them on to their children at birth.
Then, some of these rejected women, filled with revenge, go and do the same acts as you – and the circle continues. That’s why our world is now polluted with HIV/AIDS.
Our families are suffering because you men want too many women, and some of our females are trying to even the score.
We must all take a long, hard look at ourselves and change our sinful ways. Come to Jesus and let Him make us clean and start fresh before it’s too late.
If you think about it, creation was all about men. God in His infinite goodness made you first and saw your need for a partner that would be there for you. That’s when He created a woman. God wanted you to be happy and share your love and life with a woman.
This is why I believe that men should show respect and take a stand for integrity, because it’s all about you – you are meant to be our leaders, our love, our friend.
Show us women respect, be faithful to your partner, stop abusing your women, stop running from your responsibilities, stop using drugs, drinking alcohol and doing other abusive things.
Men, you should be proud. It’s all about you being strong and faithful to one woman. You can’t even please one, why try to please more than one? 
If God wanted you to have more than one he would have made two Eves for Adam. 
Women love a strong, solid man.?A man who knows and loves himself, and has self-control.
Men, you can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself. God, help all women. 
– Men It’s About You
Dear Men It’s About You,
I agree with much of what you are saying. Men really need to be more respectful of women and have a greater level of integrity. 
They need to understand that running around and dropping their seed wherever makes them irresponsible, not a player. 
They need to realize that committing themselves to one partner and working at developing that relationship demonstrates maturity and conscientiousness – the true hallmark of manhood.
A point you also touched on was the tendency by more women to even the score by being equally promiscuous. This is one of the saddest things I have seen develop through the years.
These days some women, thankfully it seems only a few, are worse predators than men. What they are seeking to prove I don’t know.
What I do know is that at the end of their wild times, after they have broken many a man’s heart, I’m sure they are as hollow and as lonely inside as the men they mimic.
I wish more men and women would get to understand that a fulfilling relationship at all levels can only come from honesty with each other. Maybe when people get to understand this, they will be more inclined to be faithful to each other and work at keeping their love glowing even at the darkest of times. 
Thank you for your letter. 
– Christine